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Friday, June 27, 2008

Are you there? Say a prayer for the pretender…

For all but a blessed few among us it is inevitable that, at some point during our working lives, the illusions we hold up for ourselves about what it is we do for a living fall away and we see reality.  In my own case, I came to such a point this week.  The “elevator speech” for my job is that I provide system and process expertise and help companies build successful Performance Management processes and systems.  The reality, unfortunately, is that I am an enabler.

My role, for all practical purposes, is to find a way for companies to mangle a system in such a way that it is able to support a process that is both legally and logically indefensible.  And I do this because I will otherwise not be paid.  I do this because the reality is that if I do not enable this destructive choice, the company will find a different consultant who will.  I do this out of a vain hope that I will be able to make the customer see the inconsistencies and legal risks before the company spends too much on development of a system that should not exist.  Someday I will reach the point where I do this because I no longer care.

But the pay is good.

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