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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Aaron doesn’t work for non-profits…

Comment from a friend:

“It’d be kinda funny to see you in the non-profit section.  A whole bunch of kitten-saving do-gooders and then Aaron.”

My response:

SAP doesn’t support kittens in the default implementation.

You will need to implement the BAdI HRBEN00_CUTE_ACCESS along with a custom table to ensure that only the appropriate users have access to the kittens at the correct points in the workflow.

You will also need to create custom ORG objects (e.g. ZFELINE00) and define a custom (e.g. ZKTN) relationship through transaction PPOME.  This is necessary to ensure that the kittens are grouped properly (for example, you would not want to put a kitten into your existing ZCANIS00 objects) and that the custom relationships are associated with the correct existing positions.  For example, I strongly recommend against using the ZKTN relationship to associate your ZFELINE00 objects with your existing custom ZH2O objects as the attributes of both custom objects would tend to make the combination unstable.

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