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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheerios, my anti-drug

Or maybe not.

It seems that the FDA has ruled that Cheerios (yes, the General Mills breakfast cereal) are a “drug” and the media are having a field day with this.  On objective analysis it’s really a simple case of a governmental agency being a little bit pedantic in the way that governmental agencies tend to be.  The usual suspects on both sides, however, are desperately searching for ways to paint the actions as either ridiculous liberal nonsense that is all Obama’s fault, or as a great leap forward in public safety that Bush held back because he was a slave to corporate interests.

Obviously, this is neither, and, thankfully, most people understand that.  This is really just one of those rather comical situations that come up when regulations get byzantine and when there are grey areas in the law.  The FDA’s position certainly appears to be legitimate under a purely literal reading of the applicable laws, but this particular violation, despite being called “serious” by the FDA’s letter, strikes me as the equivalent of being pulled over for going 68 mph in a 65 mph zone; yes it’s technically against the law, but it is difficult at best to argue that there is any substantive risk to the public involved.

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