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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Strix Nebulosa

I graduated from college with remarkably little interest in people.  I wanted only to chase birds around the woods, climb mountains, and become a really fast cross-country skier.  But after a couple of years as an itinerant tropical ornithologist, I decided, somewhat recklessly, that dealing with Homo sapiens might intrigue me after all, and I packed off to law school.  In downtown Chicago, no less—a long way (geographically and culturally) from the birds and the mountains and the ski trails.

No regrets.  Law school seems more worthwhile every day, especially since the shocking discord between my former and current lives has quieted.  And now I’m almost done, and real life is finally set to begin.  And with what credo will I face that real life?  I’m hesitant to reduce it to a handful of bullet points (it doesn’t have a great deal of internal coherence) but Zenmervolt has already blazed this trail, and so, in the interest of parallelism, here’s at least some of what I’ve got:

  • A Burkean-conservative bent that insists on the value of tradition for tradition’s sake, but is happy to accept slow, organic, democratic social change.
  • A transcendental, I-am-a-transparent-eyeball pleasure in the natural world, in all its weirdness and splendor.
  • Family.
  • A Randian vision of the inherent heroic potential of every individual man.
  • A puzzling but stubborn belief in the Divine, and a patient expectation that someday I’ll figure out what to do with that belief.
  • An abiding (and probably irrational) faith in the fundamental goodness of reality.

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