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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why “Futures and Options”?

Sooner or later people are bound to wonder about the title of this blog.  If you think it sounds like the name of a college Finance course, you’d be right.  The title is at least partially an homage to my degree in Finance and the time I spent actually working with Futures and Options in an investment firm.  Of course, if that were the entirety of my reasoning it still wouldn’t make much sense given that Finance is only a peripheral interest to this blog.  So, what’s the principal reason?

Futures and Options are are the building blocks of life.  There are many possible futures and which one in which we end up is determined by how we use (or choose not to use) the options that are presented to us.  How we manage our options to bring about our futures, ultimately, is what any socio-political blog is about.

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